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Here you will find our loyal and dedicated DJ's and their mini Bio's

We are open to giving anyone a shot at being a DJ as long as they are willing to do their best and learn how we do things here on BullsEye Radio

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Dr. B is from Minnesota , the land of 10,000 lakes ( and a hell of alot of snow ! ) He is always on the lookout for that obscure never before heard song, and features many of them in his show THE TIME MACHINE. He is friendly, kind, outgoing, and does a really great show with professionalism. We are very proud to have DR B with us now going on 7 years ! He also does a very cool Classic Rock Show once a month. When you hear DR B on air you can tell just how much he loves doing his shows. Join him on Sundays at 9pm EST.


If you don't know already, John is the Owner of BullsEye Radio as well as a DJ here. You have already read all about him on the front page, so not much more you need to know other than he is on air Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's at 9pm EST and once a month on Saturday's at 4pm EST for The Blues Auction. He is always willing to take your requests and make you happy. That after all is what it's all about , isn't it ? Making people smile and have fun ? John thinks so ! Join him and decide for yourself if he suits your taste's.