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We are open to giving anyone a shot at being a DJ as long as they are willing to do their best and learn how we do things here on BullsEye Radio

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Dr. B is from Minnesota , the land of 10,000 lakes ( and a hell of alot of snow ! ) He is always on the lookout for that obscure never before heard song, and features many of them in his show THE TIME MACHINE. He is friendly, kind, outgoing, and does a really great show with professionalism. We are very proud to have DR B with us now going on 7 years ! He also does a very cool Classic Rock Show once a month. When you hear DR B on air you can tell just how much he loves doing his shows. Join him on Sundays at 9pm EST.


Diane Townsley grew up in Westerville, Ohio. The head majorette and outgoing daughter of a Columbus firefighter, Diane fanaticized about becoming a disc jockey and often played interviewer with her brothers.

After high school, she attended Career Academy, in Columbus, Ohio to learn her trade. Although she graduated with high grades, she soon realized that radio stations in and around Columbus had never experienced a female DJ.

Her first job was at WBBY-FM, Golden Oldies Radio, in Westerville, Ohio. Being told that local stations did not hire female DJs, she persevered with an idea. She went to a local advertiser and asked to produce the script and voice for their radio spots. Radio promos led to her own Sunday radio spot on WBBY, called The Date With Diane Show. Dianes ratings allowed her to broadcast seven days a week, including the drive-time radio broadcast.

Diane later taught others radio and TV broadcasting at Career Academy and played host on a Saturday childrens TV show called Jakes Place. She earned national recognition as one of the first female Disc Jockeys in America, being highlighted in several magazines.

Her Date With Diane Show which can be heard at 1pm EST right here on BullsEye Radio, features songs, listener requests, interviews and background information for music of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Her trademark goal is to put a smile on your face and a lot of love in your heart.


Dick is a musician and D.J. who toured nationally with a 60s group called The Brymers. The group is mainly known for their 60s hits of Sacrifice and I Want To Tell You. The Brymers still perform and attempt to release an album per year. To date, the group has released five albums (1) Sacrifice, (2) 40 Year Brotherhood, (3) Where Are They Now, (4) Never To Old to R-N-R, and (5) The Love From Our Soul. During the last four years many of The Brymers tracks have appeared in movies (i.e. JOBS, Chillerama, Alex of Venice, and TV shows).

In 1968 Dick recorded a psychedelic album with a group called Fapardokly (Merrell Fankhauser). One of the tracks was picked up by Warner Brothers and placed on a compilation album a few years years ago (Where the Action Is - 1965 1968 - Los Angeles). The comp album was nominated for a Grammy the year of its release.

In addition to recording with The Brymers, Dick continues to record with other rock groups and hosts his weekly radio show called Dick Lee and 60s Garage Rock from California. which can be heard here weekly on Saturdays at 12 Noon EST


Rodney started out working for local newspapers in Surrey and then the music press as a journalist for Record Retailer (now Music Week) and then as News Editor for Record Mirror. He was the first British journalist to report on, and visit, RNI and was responsible for the supplement on Radio Veronica which added 60,000 to Record Mirror's sales in Europe.Currently he can be heard every Saturday at 2pm EST for 2 hours of great music from yesteryear in his show RODNEY ON THE RADIO


If you don't know already, John is the Owner of BullsEye Radio as well as a DJ here. You have already read all about him on the front page, so not much more you need to know other than he is on air Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's at 9pm EST and once a month on Saturday's at 4pm EST for The Blues Auction. He is always willing to take your requests and make you happy. That after all is what it's all about , isn't it ? Making people smile and have fun ? John thinks so ! Join him and decide for yourself if he suits your taste's.