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BullsEye Radio DJ Service

All Oldies - All the time
When you want the best . . . .Aim for the BullsEye !

We are Central New York's Premiere Disc Jockey Service

Welcome to Central New York's premiere Disc Jockey service . We have among the lowest rates and offer the highest quality of service . If you have any questions feel free to email me and you will be responded to within 24 hours. BullsEye Radio DJ Service is dedicated to making your function one you will remember in the years to come. Our professional staff of DJ's are here to insure that your day goes as you want it to ! The best thing about being here on this site is that you can tune in to hear our DJ's live on air by clicking on the tune in button !!! Now for a bride searching for a DJ , that is way cool wouldn't you say ? Sort of like try before you buy in a sense .


  • We just re-added Karaoke back into our services after we got a lot of people asking what happened to it. The Karaoke system we use is COMPUTERIZED KARAOKE , and no it isnt midi style , it is just like any other Karaoke you would see anywhere else except that it's only on ONE monitor rather than on different television monitors all over. Therefor the pricing is ALOT lower than traditional Karaoke performances that have 4 to 8 monitors. All the music is on a computer rather than on individual CD's which makes it alot more convenient to carry literally THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of songs with us ! It is broadcast through a powerful 1000 watt amplifier and you can be sure that it will sound just like the band is right there playing for you to sing your heart out ! Crystal clear monitor for the singer to see the words easily and in full color . Pricing for Karaoke ( depending on the event needed ) starts at under $200.00 per 5 hour performance. Inquire for more info.

    Functions we Service

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Holiday parties
  • Clubs
  • Birthdays
  • Back yard Bar-B-cues
  • Retirements
  • Reunions
  • Company outings
  • And More . . . . .

    What we offer :

  • We have over 25 years experience in DJ'ing for all types of functions
  • We are federally licensed
  • We have top of the line computerized equipment , 1000 watts of sound
  • We have over 250,000 songs to choose from in all styles of music
  • We have among the lowest prices serving Central New York
  • Our DJ's are all former or current Radio announcers
  • Lighting and a fog machine is available for a small additional charge

    Your host for the event

  • John Michaels has been involved in the radio industry since 1982 . But long before that , at the age of only 10 years old , while other kids favorite heroes were Superman , Batman , The Green Hornet and charachters like that , John's heroes were people like WolfMan Jack , Dick Clark , Kasey Kasem , Shadoe Stevens , Arnie "WOO WOO" Ginsberg and others like that !

    Years later he went to a broadcasting school to learn how to do his trade well. When he received his certificate of completion in broadcasting training he then applied for a Federal Broadcasters license which allows him to speak on air in a licensed Radio Station anywhere in the continental United States of America.

    The next step obviously was seeking out radio work. In a small northern New Hampshire town John started his first job as an oldies DJ for WNNH Oldies 99.1 FM and to this day , the oldies of course are one of John Michaels favorites because thats where he got his start.

    After a long period of time with this station , John became unsatisfied with the pay and the rules that were beginning to form in FM radio and decided to try his hand at live performances as a Mobile DJ. This proved to be a very successful move for him ! He moved up the chain of well known DJs quickly in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire . Playing for nightclubs , weddings , anniversaries , reunions , retiements , holiday parties , you name the party , HE DID IT !

    John Michaels became THE DJ to book when you had a party , and before he knew it had over 800 functions to his credit ! in 2002 John decided to make a move to New York State , and with him went all the knowledge , experience he had gained and of course the music he had acquired over 20 years ! It was there in New York that John realized he had to start all over making a name for himself again because no one in New York had ever heard of him . So . . .looking for work , John went back to what he knew the best . . . .MUSIC.

    A smaller but well known FM radio station in the area was the beginning for John Michaels in New York. He took on at first , part time , getting whatever hours they offered him to earn a pay . Most of the hours offered were hours no one wanted at first , but then a new program manager came in and immediatley noticed John's potential and started using him in the production room . When he saw that John could work the production like a Pro as well as being a on air jock, and that John knew what he was doing , John was offered a Prime Time afternoon shift 6 days a week. This lasted only until John Michaels saw that FM radio was all the same , no matter what state you went to , they had the same rules , the same non caring attitude about people.

    John Michaels knows without one slight doubt in his mind that PEOPLE are why FM radio is so popular today ! The problem is that FM radio doesnt know it ! They have forgotten where they come from , how they got to be such a big huge industry. John hasnt forgotten , John left the FM radio once again ! But this time , there was a new door opening ! Technology had opened the door to what we know now as Internet Streaming Radio ! An answer to FM Radio leaving their listeners in the dirt for corporate America and the almighty dollar ! John seized this opportunity and started his very own Internet Radio station , running it the way he knew radio should be run . . . . .for the people !

    Today that station stands tall and is becoming well known. It is a member of the Chamber of Commerce . John is not only on air on his own radio station , but also back in the Mobile DJ business once again in New York State , making a name for himself . BullsEye Radio is also host to other NEW and UPCOMING on air talents trying to make a name for themselves as well and John Michaels offers them and other new DJ's the opportunity to do a show the way that they want to with the exception of just a few small station policy rules .